BPPT and President Executive Club agree to Cooperate on Developing Techno Park

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The Agency of the Assessment and Application of Technology  (BPPT) and President Executive Club (PEC) agree to cooperate on developing 100 Technopark in Indonesia. For the first project, the application will be done in Jababeka industrial Area (KIJA).

Thus the result of the meeting disclosed by the Executive Director of Presiden Club  Safrizal Akbar that were attended by the head of BPPT  Dr. Hammam Riza, M.Sc and his staffs, the founder  & chairman PEC, Setyono Djuandi Darmono, and the member of PEC Prof. Budi Susilo Soepandji, at BPPT office, on Monday (6/2).

“The meeting of PEC and BPPT was a follow-up meeting from 6 month ago meeting which discuss about cooperative design with BPPT. The purpose was to concretize the next level cooperation” he said.

According to Hamman, trough president’s 100 Technoparks development program policy, BPPT is ready to help Jababeka developing technopark’s concept at Jababeka Industry Area, apart from that, for local content BPPT has many potential products to commercialise. BPPT’s Product and Technopark’s Masterplan are expected to be exhibited on Showroom (display area) in Jababeka Industrial Area.

Furthermore, Safrizal explained that the meeting discussed about opportunity to adopt BPPT’s research to match the needs of more than 2000 Factories in KIJA. Because BPPT has many good inventions. On the other hand, factories at KIJA require development and research from technology aspect and product, so that it could help improving  efficiency and boost productivity.

“BPPT has many sophisticated inventions which support industry 4.0, drone technology, technology based application, and ICT (information communication technology), Biodiesel such as B20, B30 that just released by Pertamina yesterday, even B100” Safrizal said.

Meanwhile, many factories at KIJA still utilize Gen 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 technology, thus this cooperation is required so that those factories which still used Gen 1.0, 2.0, gen 3.0 technology can upgrade their factories’ technology. Beside if sometimes they need help for research, it will be complied in time.

According to Safrizal, collaboration between BPPT and PEC is very good if it has been realized, that is BPPT will able to widen their invention’s application, and KIJA can help factories to upgrade their technology. This suits Republic of Indonesia President Joko Widodo’s program so that Small Medium Enterprises implement 4.0 industry in revolution industry 4.0 in order to increase export and improve  competitiveness.

“The outcome of the meeting is, we will put together Task Force (Satgas), consists of expert team from PEC and BPPT and there will be 2 posts that will be turned into office which would be alleviated coordination and execution; the posts are located in Jakarta at BPPT office, and in Cikarang: at KIJA”  Safrizal stated.

Task force (satgas) will coordinate clustering industry sector because KIJA comprise of several industry sectors,  hence the opportunity of cooperation between BPPT and tenants through KIJA arise.

“The goals are, hopefully with this development of old-fashioned technology to new technology, it will generate jobs via new factories. We want to upgrade KIJA into Silicon Valley, become a place where new industries and factories are, -- the outcome of BPPT and PEC cooperation.” Safrizal explained.

When will it be realized?

The MoU for the cooperation between BPPT and PEC has been signed on 24 Febuary 2020 at BPPT National Gathering where Mr. SD Darmono founder and Chairman of PT. Jababeka Tbk attended as a speaker.

 In the end of session, Technology Based Business Incubation tenants that need capital seed and scaling up are expected to pitch or present their business before the investors at Jababeka President Lounge

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